Canyon Run Videos in So. California

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    Hey friends and car enthusiasts’. I am going to shoot a promotional video this Tuesday for my new Video Production venture. I have all of the help needed for the shoot and the location is at a beautiful winding long road in southern California but is undisclosed at this point.
    The video will show future clients the quality our produced videos. The clients’ exotic, sports or muscle car will be setup with two High Definition video cameras showing two different views as the client drives their own car down a beautiful tree filled road at speed. The third, long shot HD camera will be mounted on our chase vehicle in front or behind the clients’ car for the full effect as the clients’ car takes the turns on a curvy country road.
    Each video session will take up to one hour to shoot. The footage from the three different cameras will then be edited together into a high quality production in 16:9 aspect ratio Widescreen HD. We then transfer the finished video onto a DVD disc with a picture of your car and the information about you and your car LASEDED into the surface of the DVD disc.
    Our promotional video can be seen on in the near future.
    PM me for the details and pricing if your or one of a friends are interested in having your car videoed as you drive the twisties!
    I will be at C&C in Irvine, CA next week to give everyone a promotional flyer with information about our services.
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