Best Time to Visit Agra?

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    Agra is a significant vacationer location owing to the UNESCO Globe Heritage sites and also the major one being the Taj Mahal. The tourists’ group into the city throughout the year to experience the representation of the Mughal period, it is never ever a bad time to visit Agra and also witness the authenticity. Best Time to go to Agra is in between November to March. The climate during this time around of the period is mainly enjoyable. This also happens to be the height travel period for Agra packages.

    Summer in Agra – March to June

    During this period sun’s scorching warmth might be found in the way of appreciating your taking in the sights. In very early March, the temperatures start at 28 levels as well as end up at 48 levels by end of April and in May. Sometimes summertimes might drag out if there is a postponed downpour shower.

    March, April & May: Temperature levels vary from 26 to 48 degrees.

    Winters in Agra – November to March

    Summers are scorching warm and downpours can get you saturated so winter is a perfect season to check out Agra. The ordinary temperature level is 12 levels to 16 levels in these months. Temperature levels can go down as low as 2 degrees Centigrade so if you can withstand the cool after that it is the most effective time to go to Agra.

    Mid- October: Early March: Temperatures range from 14 to 2 degrees.

    Monsoon in Agra – June to September

    Monsoon season brings periodic showers in Agra. Additionally, the showers are mild and not so regular. So this is one more recommended season to go to Agra as it makes the dry & dry landscape moist. It is enjoyable weather also. Gales end in the month of September but sometimes take place up until mid – October. So if you do incline sightseeing and tour in average rainfall of 400 millimeters after that go to Agra throughout gales.

    Mid- June: Early October: Temperature levels range from 25 to 35 levels. Yearly Typical Rainfall of 400 mm

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