Audi A5 or VW CC V6

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    Hello all car enthusiasts…
    I’m new to the forum and need help to make a decision or at least clear some doubts I have to buy my next car

    To make a long story short, I’m down to 2 cars: 2013 Audi A5 Premium Plus and 2013 Volkswagen CC V6 Lux
    I tested both cars and really liked both a lot. and on my pros and cons scale they are tied, so I need some help

    Audi A5 pros:
    Style, finish, presence, 19″wheels, AWD (quattro), fun to drive, entertainment system
    Audi A5 cons:
    2-door, tilt only sunroof, 2.0T, “just” 211hp, price

    VW CC pros:
    Style, 4-door, 3.6 V6 280hp, comfortable, 3-years free maintenance, price, safety features
    VW CC cons:
    Tilt only sunroof, rear visibility, poor commands comparing with Audi, old school clock in the panel that I really hated and that thing will look at me every time I’m driving the car 😛

    I think that’s all I can remember in the top of my head right now and I really appreciate if you guys could help me on my decision…


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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