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    I just wanted to reach out and thank everyone for coming today. I believe it worked out very well moving the parking for the Super Cars, by doing this we almost doubled their parking spots. I have read a lot of posting about the filtering of cars. when Eric and I started this back in 2009, Brent with Cars and Coffee warned us that the day would come that we had to count cars (only allowing a certain number of each model). As all of you know that day came about a year ago. We do not want to filter at all, we love all cars. We are “car guys”. We did ask you to fill out a “pass card” not only for a pass but that we would have your info in case you where blocking a car in.

    We are not going to use the pass system but I would like to ask you to please respect our volunteers. If they tell you we are out of parking we really are. Last month one of our volunteers was practically ran over. That’s not what we want, we want a safe, family friendly enviroment that all us car crazy people can show our cars and see other great cars!!

    Thanks for reading, see you next month!!



    Thanks for your time and effort. Even though I didn’t make it out today, I heard a couple of people saying these last two have been much more “reasonable”. Cars weren’t parked as tightly as possible, and there was alot more walking room. Also, looking at photos, it seems organization was a bit better.

    Now, the question is…for those who have lifetime passes, will they still be honored, or are they now useless?


    Today went very smooth and was quite peaceful…except for the Corvette spin out (thank goodness you all put the barrier up, or else someone would’ve been hit). Several of us chose to park in spectator parking because we were unsure of what system was being used. Thanks for the update.


    For those who didn’t see it….

    What an idiot. The one time police aren’t sitting at the gate, this crap happens.


    1. That reminds me of the 350Z who did the exact same thing a few months ago and
    2. It is sad that there are more jokers like that who own those type of cars vs ones who cannot own that car but who could drive it properly.

    Glad no one was hurt.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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