9:45am Group Rev…stick around, please.

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    Hey, last month we waited a bit long…9:45 should be a great time to have everyone start their engines—and rev for a little bit.

    Please join in the fun. Let’s celebrate another great aspect of being a car lover—the sounds. Rev it up at Cars and Coffee!



    I stuck around for this. From where I was, it sounded like only about a dozen people participated out of the hundreds of cars that were there. Kind of underwhelming. Such a shame, too. I did it and it was fun. I was looking forward to an entire parking lot of cars roaring like crazy. More people need to know about it and do it!


    i know, but it had people talking….i bet it grows next month and then rolls to being something worth coming to the event…

    rev it up!


    Misano Red

    i’ve been to a few meets and never knew a “group rev” existed… i don’t think enough people are checking this forum to even know about it… i would love to join but it would be more fun if more people know about it…

    perhaps have a note typed out on slips of paper which can be handed to each car as they drive in… probably don’t have to make one for everyone, just like 50-100 pieces of paper saying something like group rev at 9:45am, warm up your cars if you want to join…

    the people who don’t get the note will likely know from word of mouth anyway… or when people start heading to their cars and starting it up… or you can leave notes where the coffee is served…

    just a thought for the next meet


    how about posting it on the facebook page????


    or the FEB event page???



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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