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    Mike’s passion for the art of fine car detailing is reflected in the impeccable finish of every car.
    Mike demonstrates daily why his quality workmanship and service are unrivaled.
    Mike understands the need for his clients to feel their investment is safe.
    Pro Mobile Auto Detail is fully bonded and insured for 2 Million Dollars, so you can sleep at night knowing you’re protected.
    For the truly discriminating clients, Mike offers his Paint Correction Service. This service is provided on a one-to-one basis, to help you decide the level of application your car requires or to assess the standard of your car’s paintwork. New cars, for example, can be inspected for paint defects before collection and even the finest automobiles often incur micro scratches by the dealer when cleaning the vehicle.
    1. Digital Paintwork Readings
    Paint levels will be measured in microns and then Mike will confirm what will be required to remove any paint defects.
    2. Panel Test
    As part of the Pro Mobile Auto Detail demonstration, a panel of the car, usually one fender or half of the hood, will be prepared to provide a clear presentation of the paint before and after.
    3. In-depth Consultation
    An explanation of paintwork preparation, rejuvenation and protection techniques, with a review of further treatments such as interior care. A guide to cleaning your vehicle(s) correctly will follow, to ensure that you do not introduce light scratches or swirl marks once the paintwork has been corrected.
    • Paint measured on every panel, whether steel, aluminum, GRP, PU or carbon fiber
    • 24-stage natural wash with wheels, arches and door shuts cleaned with Citrus degreaser
    • Wheels cleaned with a pH-neutral wheel gel and a selection of special wheel brushes
    • Full paint decontamination (removes embedded contaminants)
    • Hand-dried using ‘deep pile’ microfiber drying towels
    • Paint inspected using a 200x high resolution digital microscope
    • Wheels removed and refurbished if required
    • 2-4 layers of a secret Polymer protection applied to the wheels
    • All wheel nuts are torque set to the correct manufacturers specifications
    • 1-5 Stage Paintwork Correction Process – paint is measured for thickness and re-leveled by a maximum of 4 or 5 microns to ensure that all surfaces reflect light perfectly
    • Paint checked under 200 and 1000 Lumen lighting
    • Paint cleansed including door jams (pre-wax cleaner)
    • 2-4 layers of secret Polymer protection applied to all paint
    • 3 layers of (78% by volume of ultra pure white Carnauba) applied to paint
    • (78% by volume of ultra pure white Carnauba) Wax’ applied to door jams and wheels where possible
    • Tires and exterior plastic cleaned and conditioned
    • Rubber seals cleaned and conditioned
    • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished
    • Rain/water repellent window treatment to all exterior windows
    • All chrome and stainless steel surfaces cleaned, polished and protected
    • Interior cleaned and detailed including Leather cleaning and conditioning
    • Engine bay cleaned and detailed if required

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