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    Welcome to everyone this is a online blogging tips who are looking forward on Google to find out how to setup HP Printer 123 version on their device like windows and mac so if you are trying to these 123.hp.com/setup , 123.hp.com/setup for mac,123 hp com setup,123 hp com setup on Google then you are here to right place no need to worry now lets start here now.

    Skillful professional available for Setup Your HP Printer By Accessing The Link 123.hp.com/setup

    HP Printers are the best printing solutions existing in the market with maximum computer compatibility. HP printers proffer top-notch quality services to the home user, personal or even for daily users in offices. So, if you are a new buyer of an HP printer, then it is required to first unbox the printer and then setup it up on your PC so that you can print. Being a newbie you are not able to setup your HP printer on your computer system. In that case, you will have to visit the website 123.hp.com/setup and follow-up all the noted instructions very carefully. The entire information mentioned in this link, are easy and simple so that even non-tech person can also setting up their HP printer into their PC. Other than that you can also take reliable assistance directly by making connection with technical support engineer. You can hassle-freely seek from our experts regarding the setup of HP printer.

    What To Do If HP Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup
    Are you worried because when you try to setup your HP printer by following the steps given at 123.hp.com/setup are unable to find it on your computer screen? Getting confused little bit and thinking about what to do next? Don’t panic! Just have a glimpse on the noted lines as there you can see the fixation procedure of such problematic hurdle.

    Restart The Computer, Printer and Router: Firstly, you will have to do is to disconnect the power cord from the router and turn off your HP printer. Close all the programs and reconnect the power cord to the router and then turn the printer ON, and also turn-on the computer. After that install the HP driver again.
    Check The Network And Printer Connection Status: Make sure that your HP printer is ready for the setup and it is not connected to a guest network. Check the status of your network connection and the printer as well.
    Run The HP Print And Scan Doctor: HP Print and scan doctor to identify and terminate the printing and scanning problems. But you will have to download it on your device. Once it is done, start it and click on my product is not listed and then click ‘Retry’. Select your printer and follow the given instructions.
    Uninstall HP Software And Then Reinstall It Again: Disconnect the printer from USB cable and open the Control Panel on your device. Click on Programs and Features option and then select uninstall. Follow the rest of the steps presenting on the screen and then restart your device. Now you can visit the official website of HP and then reinstall the software from there.
    Given Steps For The Setup Of HP All In One Printer At 123.hp.com/setup
    For setting up your HP printer and install the printer drivers you need to visit 123.hp.com/setup webpage and follow the on-screen mentioned instructions.

    First and forecast you should actually do is to Unbox the Printer
    Now, check the Contents of the Box-printer gadgets and the accessories and try to find the printer frills and other filling for printing process
    After that load the Paper into The Paper Tray of your HP Printer
    Connect HP Printer to the Power Cord and turn ON the device
    Then Place the Ink Cartridges and Start test print job
    Once the hardware is setup successfully, you can move on to install the drivers from the 123.hp.com/setup printer website
    Know HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup Via 123.hp.com/setup
    HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup can be done on both either in Windows operating system or in Mac. Here our team of highly proficient tech-geeks have discussed about the procedure of performing this in detail. All you need to do is to simply go through these provided steps as per your accessible operating system. Whether you are operating on Mac or Windows can get the entire easier ways. Just keep your eyes feast on the below points and do the same task one by one:

    HP Printer Wireless Protected Setup in Windows
    The wireless basically can be connected in two ways — SSID and password, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup). The effective steps for connecting a HP Printer wirelessly to a device working on Windows OS are:

    Turn on your HP printer first
    Now, click on the wireless icon on printer control panel. Touch your muse pointer to the settings icon and then select Wireless Setup Wizard. After that press OK. The wizard searches and displays a list of presented networks
    Follow the on-screen instructions and select name of your network to broad the connection. If needed, download the HP wireless software
    Enter the SSID of your home network and password and connect your Printer to the wireless network without any obstacle
    However, the printer may also be connected directly to your router using WPS button. When you press the WPS button on your Router and your printer, this will simply connect your hp printer directly to the home network.

    123 HP Wireless Protected Setup in Mac
    Setup your HP printer using WPS on your Mac by following the below-noted steps:

    First of all make sure that your HP Printer, router, and computer are all turned on, and also the computer is connected to the wireless network
    Now, go to the Control Panel and then press on the wireless icon. Take your mouse pointer to the settings icon and then go to the Wireless Setup Wizard. Now press OK. The wizard identifies and displays a list of available networks
    Follow the prompted instruction and then select the name of your network to complete the connection setup
    After doing that hit on the Apple menu and select the option of About This Mac and then click on software updates. By clicking on the Updates icon it will start updating the software
    Choose system preferences to print or scan from apple menu. Now, click the plus sign in the lower left corner of the window to select the name of your HP Printer device. If your printer is shown into the list, click Add printer to add your HP printer
    After that quit and restart applications that were previously open before adding the printer to use the updated HP software features. Now, your HP printer is connected wireless to your MAC computer
    Many of you may become fed up when you are “Unable to Setup and Install HP printer” on your computers. Don’t feel blue as we are here 24/7 to help you, only you require to do is to Chat with our technical team or you can Call us at our all round the clock accessible helpline number. Your call will be entertained by one of our experienced techies who will provide you right direction to eradicate your setup related hitches within a least interval of time.

    If the installation wizard displays any error message, then uninstall the existing driver from your device by following the below given steps:

    Open ‘Device and printers’ or ‘Apple menu’ in your computer
    Select the printer which is associated to the device and select driver to uninstall
    For MAC user, go to System preference and click on Printers and Scanners and select the printer to eliminate it
    Once the driver is completely get uninstalled, you can try reinstalling the update. In case you have confronted some glitches while uninstalling the driver from your Windows, then immediately contact us via dialing our provided toll-free number. Our expert will proffer you handy solution so that you can effortlessly uninstall and then reinstall your printer driver on your Mac or else Windows PC.

    Obtain 123.hp.com Support For Handy Solution
    We provide quick reliable services to enjoy with hassle-free printing job from HP Printers, even though the issue is not complex, we will assist you with instant fruitful ideas to vanish out the hiccups completely from top-to-toe. HP printer problems related with printer setup, installation procedures, etc. can be exterminated within a pinch as we are always here to guide you to walk into pleasant path.

    Choose Our Service to Know More About 123.hp.com/setup
    As we all know very well that every coin has two faces. One face is positive and another one is indicated negative. So, we all should aware before opting anything online. Some services are unreal whereas some are trustworthy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to all helpless users that don’t do fast in choosing the services for taking help. Just go to 123.hp.com/setup and see for yourself that how much time is taken to get the desired drivers from this site. We made the downloading procedure of drivers at this website is so easy that a novice user can download drivers. Furthermore, our helpline number is accessible all the time by which you can connect with real person to resolve any of your queries.

    Here is why you need to choose our online technical support to know more about 123.hp.com:

    Instant solution
    Quick response whenever place a call
    Deal the problems by expert techies
    One-stop remedy
    One can contact us at the comfort from home
    Services will be proffered within your budget
    Don’t be shy in contacting us directly as the technicians working here are friendly in nature and make you feel comfort. Until and unless you get their points they will not leave your hand. So, stop pulling your hairs if facing HP printer setup problems. Just put an instant call on the given toll-free number and get united with the top-most technicians.

    Therefore, why to knock the other person’s door if such an easy and helpful instructions are available here. As we all know nowadays how much money and time is important for all us. So, why one should wander and wasting precious time, if the amazing guidelines is at your door-step. Just stay tuned with this page and get the steps of set up, installation and downloading HP printer software and driver.

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