Re: World’s Fastest Production Car: The SSC Ultimate Aero TT


apart from the fact that it is fast and the engine makes over 1000hp, i real dont like the car for the following reasons:

1) using the word SHELBY in the name and you have no connection to Ol’ Carroll, booooo

B) it looks butt ugly for what you pay for it (I’d rather pay for a Porsche Carrera GT and know that it is “slower” than the SSC but at least I’d know the car looks good, and

4) could they have had a less exciting and lame guy give a report on the car? I didn’t get the feeling that he truly knew what the hell he was talking about when he was “getting excited” reading off the specs (thin tires?!?! they are low profile business week guy). I’d rather hear the guy from Motor Week on PBS read it off in his “movie-fone” voice. At least he is mildly amusing.

sorry SSC, I’ll stick to Citroens, MINI and Speedsters.