Re: Why is the place so dead?


@BMF 27992 wrote:

I have a feeling Max might post a reply to this thread….. let’s wait and see. This could get interesting. 🙂

/me yawns and wakes up from a deep slumber.

The reason that this is dead is pretty simple.

I got banned.

The reason that I got banned is also simple, I stood up for what I believed in and my view was fairly different to that of an ex-admin here.

I still passionately believe that Cars and Coffee in Irvine should be self policing and that the guidelines of ‘Interesting and/or Unusual’ are dirt easy to adhere to.

I still think that if you need to be a complete {insert make of car here} nerd to understand why your car is special while to everyone else that cannot spot the electric folding mirrors it looks like a daily driver, then maybe you are slightly delusional and perhaps your should show it elsewhere.

I strongly, firmly, believe that Cars and Coffee Irvine is a very special event that is way beyond the showing of daily drivers, unless you happen to daily drive your Maserati or Noble or F40…..

So that is it.

The reason it is dead here is because I have no posted any photos in a long time.

The previous images were subject to a mod-re-write rule that I could manage at a whim to do whatever I wanted with – tubgirl maybe ?

So all of my previous posts were pulled.

I will start to back-fill a few of the weekly posts over the next few days.

For now, Brent and I have kissed and made up (he needs a shave BTW) and all is well in the world, lets see if there is an increase in the traffic here ?