Re: Who would i contact if i wanted to try to block off parking


@exfyvem 69236 wrote:

This sounds like a good idea. If i can’t get a roped off area (and I’m preparing to not get one), i might ask the Clinard’s if i can just make some sort of announcement for the people that are attending to meet at a staging area. And Greg, the cars are going to be ranging from ferraris to lambos to old mustangs. Its basically just a bunch of guys just going for a nice saturday morning drive together.

Email is your friend along with a friend in each car group who can spread the word. C&C is a free-for-all aside from organizing a ‘show within a show’ by reserving the corral as I have done a few times before. Then, one can make an announcement by having communicated a time to address all participants. Since you have not done so, simply post notices about meeting at the Spectrum parking lot (specify exact location) at a certain time with a deadline for departure. Be sure to allow for enough time for attendees to arrive and find the right place.