Re: Where exactly does a spectator/visitor park?


The parking structure is on your right hand side when you turn onto gateway from Alton, however it does get full sometimes and I do not believe you are allowed to park in the lot across from the Taco Bell building because most of the time it is closed. If for some reason the parking structure gets full there is another lot on the right if you keep going down gateway and pass irvine center drive its sort of like a business center and I sometimes park then when I’m not showing, it never gets packed. Hope I could help clear things up a little bit. I’ve attached a link of the map in case that helps at all.,Irvine,+CA&cid=0,0,11766838446252607586&ei=6EDOUbjkBurF0gHMq4CYBQ&ved=0CDEQ_BIwAA