Re: What’s the real deal for Car’s n Coffee this weekend ?


Cars and Coffee. like everything else needs to have some attention. We meet to discuss ideas that may be implemented to create a better show every month. In the previous months we have read and listened to opinions from our show goers and we have come up with some ideas that have been inconvenient.

We do not do this for a living…this is your show. I provide a parking lot and staff to help the show run easily. (it’s your show, not mine.)

So, my advice is to bring great cars. Do not bring a car that takes up a spot inside the event that forces a great car to park in the spectator parking area.

And come early.

For the time being the passes will be honored until 830…Most likely, the lifetime pass idea is over.

We do wish to know who you are and hope that you will register when you attend the event…There are various reasons such as the need to inform everyone as to changes in event timing because of weather….or changes in regarding dates….or even the need to make contact with you while you are at the site because your car is parked in a fire lane and you are about to get towed—things like that.. You info will never be used by Classic for anything other than notifying about Cars and Coffee issues.


Eric Maas

One final note is that Cars and Coffee Dallas is the largest Cars and Coffee show in the US. (holding it monthly, instead of weekly is a large reason for it’s size—it does help that the dfw area has a huge number of car fanatics. I appreciate all of you.)