Re: What’s the real deal for Car’s n Coffee this weekend ?


@Psycho30 68196 wrote:

basically reading if your have a pass your in if not good luck but ohhh hey please come still and donate to our cause we dont want you to attend.

I think you’re taking it a bit too far, to be honest. Yes, there is still some confusion about the passes, like who will be allowed in before 8:30, and what happens after 8:30. But nowhere did it say “we don’t want you to attend”.

The filtering of modern domestics may make some mad at first, but overall, I think it will make the show improve over time. All they are trying to do is keep the 4th-5th generation Mustangs and 2010 Camaros/Challengers from overrunning the place, and give the show more variety and quality. Some people act like if they can’t park their car in the show lot, they can’t go at all.

@Psycho30 68196 wrote:

Also BMW bought the rights to cars and coffee so they wont move it, since they want the business it brings….

This is true. Also, it costs them very little (if any) money to hold the show in their lot. Only time and effort is spent.

The donation at the gate is a good idea to me, but that was one of the founding principles of the original meet…it doesn’t cost to get in or spectate.