Re: What’s the real deal for Car’s n Coffee this weekend ?


I’ll attempt to answer your questions.

@Toque 68184 wrote:

Were not going to be let in without a pass ? How do you get one ?

This, as of now, is not true. I’m sure you will be let in, pass or no pass. But, people who did get these lifetime passes will be guaranteed a spot before 8:30 from what I have heard. After 8:30…we don’t know. As for applying to get one, send a PM to Eric Maas. He is on this site, and his name is his screenname.

@Toque 68184 wrote:

Were not going to be let in at all ?

Well…that one is a bit tough to answer as of now. We need to hear from Eric first regarding the passes. But, if nothing changes, I’m sure you will need to simply get there early. I will warn you however that they have started to filter the cars a bit, but I don’t think Corvettes should be hit too hard. Yes, they will be “targeting” them, but I bet not nearly as much as the Mustang/Camaro/Challenger groups. From the shows I have been to, Corvettes really don’t overrun their allotted sections, while those other three do.
@Toque 68184 wrote:

You have to prove your car is worthy to get in ?

I don’t think so. That’s the gatekeepers choice as to who they let in, and they have a period of just a few seconds to decide.
@Toque 68184 wrote:

Should we bother going at all ? Or should scratch this charity event off our monthly event list ?

Well…I’ll let that be up to you. If you asked me, I would say yes, still go. But, we still need to hear from Eric regarding the passes.