Re: What’s the real deal for Car’s n Coffee this weekend ?


@Kevin 68187 wrote:

… Yes, they will be “targeting” them, but I bet not nearly as much as the Mustang/Camaro/Challenger groups. From the shows I have been to, Corvettes really don’t overrun their allotted sections, while those other three do.

Since my main car I usually bring is a 1969 Camaro Z/28… I am getting from this thread and the email I received from C&C staff, that I shouldn’t bother going through the effort to get the car ready and show up. I don’t want to go through the effort if I am going to be turned away because my vehicle falls into a category which is highly populated with newly produced models.

The draw of C&C for me has always been the casual nature, and the ability to see everything… a Lamborghini Reventon, a custom rat rod, an Indian cycle, a Yugo, ricers, modders and everything in between. I love the ‘bring it if ya got it’ feel. It reminds me of meetups when I was a kid. I appreciate the logistical nightmare that this has become. It becomes evident when I show up at 8:00am and have difficulty finding a place to park. However, this is part of the draw.

I would certainly support the idea of paying an admission to support the charity of the month.