Re: What’s the real deal for Car’s n Coffee this weekend ?


@Kevin 68209 wrote:

I think you’re taking it a bit too far, to be honest. Yes, there is still some confusion about the passes, like who will be allowed in before 8:30, and what happens after 8:30. But nowhere did it say “we don’t want you to attend”.

The filtering of modern domestics may make some mad at first, but overall, I think it will make the show improve over time. All they are trying to do is keep the 4th-5th generation Mustangs and 2010 Camaros/Challengers from overrunning the place, and give the show more variety and quality. Some people act like if they can’t park their car in the show lot, they can’t go at all.

Thats just it most of us here, people discussing the issue and also the majority that are upset about it are not spectators. We are the core people of the meet that come there time and time again to talk, park our show cars in a secure lot, talk to others about our cars and enjoy sharing the knowledge and stories we have. If I wanted to spectate there’s shows I can go to everyday of the week. I choose to come to this one in my car so I can be around individuals that enjoy cars and the same passion for them that I have. I can point to my car and say yea man there she is. Come on over and I can show you just what I did there or that mod I put on if I can’t even see my car because its in the spectator lot. I also have piece of mind because I can see my car and know its in good hands when I leave. Ontop of all that I also lug around a good bit of camera gear to take shots at the meet (free media for cars and coffee). Equipment I would rather not leave in a random lot to get stolen or have to visit walking over to it time and time again to get different equipment. All of these factor into the whole we dont want you to attend mindset many of us have. Because if we cant continue to go there and do what we love and show off the passion we have for our cars. Then why should we even attend? Its not the convention center show, its a parking lot for like minded individuals. So in my eyes and many others, if we can not be in the main gate then why bother, im far from a spectator and have invested way to much into it to my car to leave it at home just to go have a peek at a new breed of cars that only fit the tastes of a few individuals making the decissions. I would rather be out enjoying the time in my car and talking to others about it and there rides.