Re: What happens when it rains?

Pete J;15384 wrote:
I have to disagree at least in some part. C&C has never been exclusively about preserving older cars in my experience. It has been about sharing the enthusiasm for all things automotive. I have enjoyed being able to walk up to the owner of a 250 TR or a Subaru WRX and share a conversation about the unique aspects of their vehicle with equal ease. C&C is about people who love cars, not just cars. That is why they gather at ungodly hours, rain or shine.

Yes it is nice to see the old cars, but newer cars are a part of it as well. The cars that should be on the paddock are those that are engineered or artfully designed and thus are unique in some respect. Every era of autos has them.

I am sorry to say the my 911 is not one of them. It turned out to be one of the worst of its breed, like many of the cars from the emissions and bumper transition era. The engine was full of faults compared with earlier and later examples(fuel line separation being the most hazardous). The metal work was very prone to corrosion, and the chassis, like all 911’s of the period took a delft hand to master. I short, the 1974 cars did little to endear themselves to their owners, but they were still Porsche’s and as such great fun to drive. Just not much fun to own. I am and always will be a Porsche fan, but all Porsche’s do not deserve to be preserved. Every marque has it’s share of dogs.

By comparison my MR2 is a engineering tour de force for the Toyota engineers. Near perfect front to rear balance, achieved by careful placement and unique engineering solutions, i.e. gas tank located in the console between the driver and passenger seat, electrically driven variable power steering, engine developing 100hp per liter, power to weight ratio of 1 hp/ 130 lbs. and no cup holder. In short a drivers car. In point of fact, this car exceeds the engineering specifications of the first Porsche Boxters in every category but had ceased production well before the Porsche engineers began the design work. Unfortunately this car is not particularly appreciated for what it is out side of a small community. I am not complaining, because until I came to acquire one I was not particularly enamored with the car. The 1000 or so ’93 turbo’s that were imported are becoming rather rare in excellent original condition. Most have either been thrashed or modified. Perhaps in another 10 years or so they will be recognized for the unique autos that they are. Hmmm, sounds like your criteria for preservation. The unique cars of today are the rare cars of tomorrow.

Having said that, I really don’t care that much if I get to share this from the display lot or the spectator lot. I still enjoy attending and will park my baby in the spectator lot, because I enjoy car people in general. I know that C&C will continue to be about car people first and cars second no matter what the rules. Those who attend will not have it any other way.

Incidentally, today there were only a couple of unusual cars and with the exception of a couple of Alfa’s, they were reproduction/kit cars. The rest were all cars of current vintage. Mini’s, GT-R’s, WRX’s, Mustangs and a couple of Porsche’s. None of which fit the new rules. We still had a good time. A few nice people to chat with. The cars were not the center of attention, but cars were the topic of conversation.

I am certain that the rules will continue to be a bone of contention, but I for one don’t care that much. I will discuss it at length, but I will continue to attend and have a good time. That is the ultimate goal.

I am affraid you miss the point completely. Yes, the people are the main point, people with interesting CARS, a common bond. I have been a part of C&C since the inception and I believe the gathering was started and perpectuated by CAR GUYS getting together to share their intereing CARS. The C&C provides a venue for intresting cars, young and old that has always ben a priority. Without those type of places to take the cars their desirablity wanes and their preservation suffers. I dare say this is very true of the modern super cars as well. I think if you take the time to read the latest considerations by the organizers they have only stated that the 1978 date is a consideration, not a hard fast rule.