Re: supercar cruise


I don’t think any group would readily admit who they are if they are going to be “racing” on public roads to San Diego.:nuts: We have our own Cars & Coffee event here called Breakfast at Balboa, sure it doesn’t compare but it’s on Sunday…every 3rd of the month I think.

The only valid reasons I couldn’t go in the pass was (1.) Had to work and (2.) Couldn’t get up that freakin earlyto drive 75 miles.

Solutions? To # 1, call in sick……#2 Don’t stay out all freakin night getting drunk of Friday night and get your ass up early to enjoy the best car show on the planet……The question here is really, HOW MUCH DO YOU LIKE CARS! :banana: Hope to see you someday….you may even like my E28 M5 judging from your screen name. drivesmile