Re: Some photos from April 17th… Our visit from the Bugatti Veyron


@Mike Rogers 40802 wrote:


Great shots, thanks for posting them. The shot with the yellow and red Corvettes is terrific. I’ve been meaning to get out with my camera, but have either been too booked up or the weather hasn’t cooperated. I just wish the events weren’t so far away. I have a hard time justifying 60 miles of round trip driving across town to the Southlands location. Maybe I’ll make it once or twice this year.


Thanks Mike, I’m a little partial to the photo with the yellow and red Corvettes too…the red one is mine! lololol. It’s only April, there will be plenty of opportunities to get out with your car and your camera I’m sure. Bring the wife or significant other to do some shopping while you hang out. I try to make as many as I can, when you do get a chance to come, I’ll be the guy with the long white lens, probably out in the grass somewhere….stop me and introduce yourself!