Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


Hi. This is my first post. I went to the event today for the first time. When I first arrived I was in heaven, seeing amazing cars all around me as I drove past the lots to get to the spectator parking. Once I walked to the show lot I was quit dissapointed. I liked seeing the group of NSX’s in the front but as I walked around I ended up seeing S2000’s EVERYWHERE… I see those in my school parking lot every day. I saw some camaros that I could even afford as a college student and one of them even had a huge dent on the side…. I don’t think I would ever see that in a show. There were a lot of great cars though. I was in love with that black carrera gt that was there today. And the guy was leaving as I was taking pictures so I was able to record the start up and exhaust…. Mmmmmm…

I’m hoping that this was just because of the NSX day so I will for sure be going again next Saturday. A lot of nice people out there.