Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


i wouldn’t call myself an old timer, but i did attend many of the crystal cove events. i still think those were the best- being across the street from the ocean, driving down pch to get there, cool summer mornings. heaven for car guys.

anyway, from my perspective, good luck trying to apply an “interesting car” standard. i think some of the most interesting cars aren’t even recognized as interesting by most people. examples: the mid-’90s 8 series bmw with the M5 engine conversion. 99% of the people who walk by that car don’t recognize it for what it is- a rare car that someone has poured a lot of time and money into.

or the 10 year old generic nissan sedan that someone had stuffed a skyline engine into (at least i believe it was a skyline). it was “in progress” (read: very rough) but i found it interesting because i had never seen anything like it. to the other guys walking by, they probably thought the car was completely out of place.

a porsche 914-6? very rare and cool car in my book, others may see it as too close to a 914 to mean much.

a ’95 M3 “LTW”? most people would say it’s just an M3 with a big wing, but if you know what you’re looking at it is a rare M3 that bmw sold to racers.

and i’m sure that i walk by a bunch of other cars that i don’t particularly care about, but if i knew what made them unique i would be impressed.

to sum up, i think “interesting” or “unique” means too many things to people.

to me, the best solution would be getting a bigger display area. until that happens, i will just keep showing up early.

there, now we’re up to $1.02.