Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


@frank4cars 14711 wrote:

Very funny, Jason. I didn’t include you in the group, but I understand your sentiments. The issue is that the newcomers are taking over and forcing the old timers (like me I guess) out. That isn’t right. If they want to meet and show off their cars, they shouldn’t take over an existing show. The guys who started the show and who have been attending for several years deserve some respect. Many of them have stopped coming because the lot has been filling up with more and more of these kinds of cars. If that trend continues, the budget performance and tuner groups would be the only ones at the show every week and there wouldn’t be a Cars and Coffee anymore.

Think of it like this: Imagine your friend opens a burger joint so you guys can hang out at your own place. It gets really popular. All of your friends know this is the place to be. You love hanging out with your friends and eating the great burgers. News starts to travel about this amazing burger place. Before long the crowds get huge and you can hardly get a seat anymore. It even starts attracting senior citizens that like to show up early. They take all of the seats and stay all night. Before long they ask the owner to start playing different music and offering different menu items. You guys stop going because it’s always too crowded and you don’t like the new menu. This isn’t right. Your friend opened the shop to cater to his friends, not these old folks, but they are customers and deserve a seat, right? Because you guys have stopped coming your buddy doesn’t like working anymore and considers shutting the place down.

Your buddy has the right to enforce the “We reserve the right to refuse service to anybody” sign on the door. He didn’t open this place for them, he did it so he could hang with you guys and give you guys a place to meet and eat. If the old folks don’t like the menu, they can go to another restaurant down the street. There is no good reason for them to ask for the owner to change what he does and does well. There were plenty of people who liked things just the way they were and didn’t start demanding changes. It would be perfectly fine for your buddy to say, thanks for stopping in but we don’t serve that here, try the place down the road.

The guys who started Cars and Coffee are the burger place owner. We are their friends. You can’t muscle in and try to make yourself at home at somebody else’s party. That is the quickest way to get the show shut down. If the people they opened the shop for aren’t happy and stop coming, there is no reason to keep it going anymore. I’m only asking that the newer attendees realize that they might not be in charge just because they have numbers and enthusiasm. It’s not their property and they need to mind the wishes of the founders.

I like your burger joint analogy! In some ways it applies, in others its a stretch in that this is not an officially organized event. Maybe there should be more oraganization.

I went this morning, overall it was still a great show despite the ridiculous amount of S2000’s. But, I can see where some changes can be made.

If a marque wants to come to the show then they should get official approval. And then there should be a certain spot in the parking lot designated for that model. Once that area is full then thats it for that particular marque. That back alley way could be a great spot for this……

You could then have a VIP area, a small block of parking spaces dedicated to the especially rare cars. That way if something truly special shows up late, there will a few spots reserved for him/her.

That being said, I was especially watchful today after my discussions on this forum. Having been a few times I noticed a few things. First, there are a lot of regulars. I would say nearly half of the cars at the show (not including the Hondas) were cars that are always at the show. Maybe even more than half, closer to 70% are regulars. If this show is truly about diversity then maybe the regulars should concede the fact that spectators do not always want to see the same cars. That is why your burger analogy is a little flawed. In reality, its more like a group of guys found a delicious burger stand and decided it was “their” burger stand. As time went on, word got out about this delicious burger stand and others wanted to come and enjoy the great burgers which of course made the original burger eaters grumpy because sometimes, someone new got a burger but they did not.

But, I submit this to you. Maybe its not time to be more picky with the parking lot. Maybe its time to find a bigger parking lot and better area for the show now that things are growing. What do you do with burger stand that gets really popular? Turn the burger stand into a burger shack!

There has to be a big parking lot somewhere with a starbucks and McDonalds in it that would just love to have hundreds of hungry and thirsty patrons milling around.

If we are all truly enthusiasts then we should look for a way to make everyone happy and the answer might just be finding a better and bigger location.