Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


@Josh 14825 wrote:

Like Brent said, we talked about this with many people yesterday, and intend to do it but not without hearing from John or Freeman first. They have our cell phones and emails, yet we haven’t heard anything from them. We have always complied with their requests and intend to do so today and in the future.

Freeman’s statements were added to this thread. I’m sure you will get another reply from him or John soon.

@Josh 14825 wrote:

Now Frank. I thought you were more intellectually honest than this. Why would you possibly incite such a rumor? Regardless of who you heard it from it is NOT TRUE. Brent and I have zero interest in running and managing a show. Do you want to come to my house and look through my email or on my computer for evidence for your little theory? I will save you the trouble, it does not exist… Do you want to talk to ANYBODY that knows us and our plans for our WEBSITE about your supposed rumor?

That was below you Frank. thumbsdown


I know that others have mentioned this to me in the past and I wanted to say that I don’t believe it. Even though other people’s threads may have been deleted leading to further speculation, our conversation yesterday made it clear to me that this was NOT your intention. Stating that it is not true, in no uncertain terms, is what I intended to do. It was not MY theory or opinion. I wanted to dispel that rumor. If it was misinterpreted as MY opinion, I apologize.