Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


Max is probably the only person likely to know who I am and I will start by saying that I have never been to C&C (it’s a long way to go for breakfast from England), though I do enjoy seeing the photos each week.

It would appear that what many are missing is the phrase “Special Classic Automobiles”. We don;t have anything on the scale of C&C over here as a regular meet but there are a few annual free events in a similar style. One that I did regularly frequent was Classics On the Common, which takes place one summers evening a year in Harpenden, about 30 miles north of London. This event was organised by the local Lions Club (similar to Rotarians) and rapidly became over run with vehicles which, though clearly cherished by their owners, weren’t what most would describe as special. The result was that a few years ago, there was an age cut off but newer special interest vehicles would be allowed. If you pitched up in a Viper, a Veyron, a Ferrari, a modern Aston or anything else that isn’t run of the mill, they let you on the common. If you swung by in your M3 or M5, then sorry, you can park in the public lot.

This is what I understand by “Special Classic Automobiles”. Things that you would not see everyday at the supermarket or in the high street. So under this caveat, the Ferraris, Veyrons, Spykers (if there are any over there) DB9s and other supercars would get in?

At the end of the day, it’s up to the organisers. I can’t see that they gain anything by letting these events take place. After All, how many of you have bought a new Ford or Mazda as a result of being able to play in their yard? They do however leave themselves open to all manner of grief from the local authorities if things get overcrowded or if idiots misbehave.