Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


Disappointed in finding this topic.

I’ve never been to the SOCAL meet before, only the local Las Vegas meet whenever I can. I go there BECAUSE there is a mix of cars and owners hanging out and having coffee on a Saturday morning. What else would a car enthusiast want to do?

I think if the creators of this event wanted to keep it small and organized with ONLY certain types of vehicles, they wouldn’t have created an online forum and expanded the brand across multiple states.

The C&C > IS A BRAND < now. Before today, I saw the C&C brand as the great gathering of car nuts, ALL WELCOME. Now that brand is tarnished thanks to this topic and the true opinions I see of a few members here.

You might have guessed but I do not own an old car, although I love to see stuff like suicide door Lincolns and Gullwing Mercedes at the local Vegas meet!

I own a Gallardo Spyder, and a Nissan GTR. Funny, my friends laugh because I choose to drive my GTR over my Gallardo to certain places where in their mind it should be reversed. But my GTR is a special vehicle. It’s VIN 0007 in the USA. Its NOT stock, highly massaged and a $150k rolling Nissan. If thats not special I’m not sure what is.

So special, I was invited to display it on the 2nd floor at the Petersen Automotive Museum in LA this weekend (Feb 7th) for a special GTR book signing. The only one invited, the only one displayed.

I have a handful of friends with GTR’s that I was going to invite to meet at the C&C in Irvine that morning, since I’ve never been there and enjoy the Las Vegas meet so much. It was also going to be an opportunity for people who have been asking me to come to C&C Irvine at some point so they can see the car in person. It has been in SEMA, CES, and various videos throughout the internet since August (Google Budez GTR)

In fact, its Facebook page has gained more than 1,000 fans in only a few months…. and this is for a NISSAN! I’m sure there are more than a few people who would like to see this car up close at a local C&C meet!

But from the look of this topic, the Irvine meet doesn’t look very welcoming. I’ll be skipping C&C Irvine and probably won’t bother ever going if this is what it has become. Especially if I have to park $400k worth of cars in some public parking lot because LATE MODEL vehicles are not welcome.

Special props to Solomon here in Vegas for running our local C&C the way he does, without C&C Las Vegas, the cars would be in the garage that morning and nobody would get to enjoy and appreciate them. More importantly, I would not have made friends that I have today, that I would have otherwise not met since they are in car clubs of another make!