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Just so we are straight I have no impressions about your views I just tell it like it is. You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else.
I have lived long enough to know BS when I see it! and that is that! Just like you had no problem walking up to us and have us move around to accomodate some people…

Wasn’t me that asked anyone to move, and this is one of your misperceptions I was talking about. Not sure why the S2000 guys moved if they felt they had the right to park there. Not sure why you are using quotes around “their” when you mention the Ford/Mazda parking lot either. I do not work for Ford, I am just a long-time showgoer who has talked to John and Freeman about the show since before it was brought here. I am also very active in the worldwide car community. I know that the hundreds of “old timers” who come every week have been complaining about this sort of group onslaught for a while now. Saturday was a particularly bad day for complaints and the volunteers working the show were extremely disappointed by the actions of those groups. They decided to make some changes.

The “few bad apples,” as you put it, are who I am addressing here because nobody from this forum seems to be spreading the word about what is and isn’t appropriate at this show. A simple sticky at the top of the section could contain all of the rules about the show but for some reason there isn’t one. This thread is the closest thing to that. I’m not sure why the site’s admins aren’t supporting the show better. I’ve heard outrageous claims that Josh and Brent want this show to fail so they can start their own show and have a truly legitimate claim to the Cars and Coffee name. That allowing this kind of arguing will convince people that this show isn’t worth attending anymore. That planting seeds of discontent will split the show open.

I think that is nonsense because the show will continue so long as Freeman and John want it to, whatever shape it takes. I know Max and Cliff, among others, have had trouble getting these same messages across on this forum so maybe it’s important to reiterate it and show some of the other forum members that it isn’t just them that feels this way about the show. I like that there is debate here and that some of you are so passionate about the show, however, you are railing against the wrong person.

Start talking to the people who behaved so badly that it forced the organizers to make changes. It’s as if people here are blaming the organizers for being disrespected by these groups. Rather than support the people who allow the show to happen, you are getting behind the groups that caused the trouble. That is the shameful part of this, and that is why you epically fail.

If you think “Ed” won’t want to come to this new-old kind of show in the future, tell him about it now and let the old man sleep in or go to Donut Derelicts or something instead. I think there are dozens of great shows around SoCal each and every week. Of course, he is more than welcome to keep coming to Cars and Coffee as well, just like everyone else. If anyone here feels like they are being told not to come back to the show in the future, chances are you consider yourself part of the problem groups. That is good. At least you are recognizing where the true fault lies.

It might seem discriminatory, but implying that it is like the days of segregation and racism at its worst is really insulting to the people who put on the show, and that is shameful as well. It is important that this news spreads across all of the forums so thank you for helping with that. Police will probably be there next week just like this week. It’s unfortunate that someone would need to go to that extreme, but two guys and a lady standing by some cones can’t do it all on their own.

Cars and Coffee has been the party that everyone loved to go to. A few gatecrashers heard about it and turned it into a rave. They spread the word and tons of uninvited guests showed up. Those newer guests pissed on the carpet and are now no longer welcome at the party, plain and simple. It doesn’t have anything to do with age or car make or model, it has to do with attitude. Unfortunately, some of those things overlap in a most unfortunate way.