Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee

frank4cars;14803 wrote:
You, my friend, have a lot of living to do yet if that is really true, but you do make some interesting points. I’m not sure where you got some of your impressions about my views, but I’ll say it again, I prefer a diverse show too. I know a lot of the older guys can’t stand the newer cars or the kids that drive them. I also know that a lot of the younger people that come to the show don’t appreciate the older cars or their drivers all the time. Regardless, I also know that the problems the show is experiencing are coming from the car clubs and forums that are bringing large groups of mostly late-model cars. The two people responsible for this show and the Cars and Coffee concept are asking that changes be made so the show gets back to its roots. They are asking that if you drive a post-’78 vehicle to Cars and Coffee, you park it in the spectator lot. The show lot will be reserved for interesting pre-’78 vehicles. It might offend you that this simple meet is being discussed in such a way, but these are the rules that have had to be implemented as a result of recent events culminating in today’s show of S2000s and other late-model cars that took up way too much real estate. Those groups were told not to show up but decided to anyway. Do you think they deserve to come back? Do you really think anybody will miss them if they decide not to return? I have a friend with one of the nicest S2000s in the country and I love his car almost as much as he does. He parked his in the spectator lot today because he was ashamed of what the other owners did. Discrimination is a big word and the suggestion of racism is borderline defamatory, but again, it is their show and they can allow or disallow whomever they please. This is not a public meeting place, it is private property being offered for our use through no small sacrifice on the part of two of the company’s employees. This is not a democracy. That might sound harsh, but that’s the message.

Just so we are straight I have no impressions about your views I just tell it like it is. You are entitled to your opinion just like everyone else.
I have lived long enough to know BS when I see it! and that is that! Just like you had no problem walking up to us and have us move around to accomodate some people you should have done the same thing to the s2000 guys. Period! You are right they can make all the rules and do what they want to do within “their” property I never argued that. It is all BS and what you don’t understand is that a bunch of old timers went over your head and complained rather than letting you work it out. Whether you like it or not you allowed these groups of people to come in and enjoy by the masses and it got bigger and bigger now all of the sudden it is a problem because few folks complained. I, like yourself am very seasoned in the car world, show circuit etc. and can tell you that it always ends up being a few bad apples to make everything go awry! Seen it too many times! So you have to enforce new rules now??? Go right ahead! I just want to see the person that has walk up to 80 year old Ed (who happens to be a really great guy!) and tell him that he has to park over in the aux lot because he decided to show up with a post 78 vehicle. That man gets there every week without fail at 0430 and waits on everyone. I think it is a shame that you are going to have to put him outfrom time to time Let alone everything else that is getting ready to happen.

Dafaming you??? not at all but it is what it is…as the young people put it.

Oh and BTW just so you know this is all over the other forums now and people are really pissed. I even ran across a thread where they are planning to show up and ignore you and just go and park so if I were you I would have the police there next week.

Is it a shame??? yes it is…but that is what is going on out there!

Now you are really bringing the children that you didn’t want to deal with out of the wood works! Good Job Ford!

Any of you porsche, ferarri, lambo guys or late model cars out there willing to meet somewhere else please post it up we know where you are going to meet at.