Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


Hello everyone. Like everything things change. Growing up in the 70’s who would have thought Japanese cars would take over. Cars & Coffee is changing too. It’s not going to be the same. But who cares? Only the old people. It sounds to me like the oldtimers are getting all salty. My friend who shall remain nameless, travels from the inland empire. Wakes up at an ungoldly hour to be there. Most of the people that are complaining live half an hour away. They can’t get up? The show, what a joke. Get together. Whatever you want to call it is free. I don’t see why all can’t park if they get up early enough. Why will the event be cancelled if a few cars don’t show up? Truth. If you don’t have deep enough pockets you don’t count. Yet the young people are the futrue of Cars & Coffee. Without the BMW & Audi, And tuner car crowd you would have no show. What’s sad is the show could splinter off. That would be bad for both sides. Just an opinion.drivesmile