Re: Some perspective on Cars and Coffee


e39 ///M Power, those are all perfect examples of the kinds of cars that do belong. Those are the kinds of cars I love to see every week. Those might even be corral-worthy on featured marque day. The “interesting car standard” has more to do with clubs or groups showing up en masse with fleets of new sporty cars that aren’t nearly as interesting.

The standard shouldn’t be whether or not the car is interesting to you (as in any single person reading this), but whether or not it’s interesting to me. No, I kid. The owner of a car coming to the show should by now have some perspective on whether or not the car will be interesting to anyone outside their group, the other 95% of the attendees there each week. If you see other show goers lifting an eyebrow or sneering, chances are you should park in the spectator lot.

OMG, I just had a brilliant idea. Well, another one at any rate. 😀 We’ll have a panel of nine judges standing at the entrance on Saturday mornings giving each car a thumbs up or thumbs down. If 5 or more vote it in, the owner parks in the show lot. If 5 or more vote it down, they drag the owner out and point and laugh at him. The cars voted out will be parked on the street outside the spectator lot so others coming in can judge for themselves whether or not it’s worth trying to get in themselves. The first few weeks will be slow, but as time goes by people will figure it out. I can’t see how anyone will have a single issue with any of that. 😉