Re: Saturday April 6


@mrmis350 76415 wrote:

I wonder if it was part of a documentary. I may follow suit and look into getting a tri-pod also, help me stabilize my shots.

Your S2000 looks very nice and clean and happy to be among fellow S2000s. Not sure how you all managed to bunch up in that little spot but I like to think they were talking about the good driving weather we were having.

I got there just before 9:00 or so, drove all the way to the west end, found a place to park, behind the C320 BMW. Got out of the car and the other S2000’s just appeared out of nowhere.

I have an old SLIK tripod that I use when photographing my paintings. It is about 4 ft high when the legs are fully extended, about 18 inches or so collapsed. I got it a Mike’s camera in Boulder.