Re: Saleen Inc. and store.

Knowsfear;732 wrote:
Im with Curt here. I want to believe you that Saleen is tuning a Viper but i have only ever seen them do Fords and of course the S7…….

And yes i have been to the store. If you talk to the pretty girl (it was a while ago, i don’t really remember if she was pretty but go with me here) behind the counter and are real nice she will let you at least sit in that mustang if not the S7. 😮

Saleen is in talks with GM about tuning the 2009 Camaro as well.

“Our base model should have around 485 horsepower, and expect our Extreme Supercharged Camaro to have over 600 horsepower.” -Saleen

Interview with Steve Saleen for Road & Track.