Re: RS4 avant??


Thanks. Now I’m blushing. It’s a 2001 S4 Avant. Thats how it started it’s life until I bought it to replace one I destroyed in 06. Basically the logo on the sides are printed on clear decal material. Had them done in Tampa last year when I was still living in FL. The car has cat back SS 4 inch diameter exhaust, BIG test pipes, KO 4’s, intercoolers, pipes, big injectors, fuel pump see you tube link) , re worked front brakes, short shift, 9 lb flywheel, RS 4 clutch, APR 4 stage ECU. In stage 3, on 93 pump gas, it kicks out around 375 and 360 ft lbs torque. Starts in at 1500 rpm , red line 7600. Loves cold weather. 0-60 approx 5 seconds depending on how much I mess up the shift. Bill Adam got it at 4.9 at Sebring. But he’s a good driver.
The car is so much fun, and for what it has cost me, after 5 years, I am still way under the cost of a new S4. No fancy reverse TV cam”s or radar in the door mirrors etc. Just basic teutonic fun. Check out the you tube links!! “”