Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


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My arbitrary figure earlier in this thread of $70k minimum and/or significantly modified was a veiled attempt to exclude completely stock C6’s, 350/370Z’s, Boxsters, Mustangs, Camaros, etc. I have a stock (exterior) C6 and I wouldn’t want to go to a car show and look at 25 stock C6’s. It’s just not that exciting. Go to Classic Chevy or Frank Parra instead.

C & C has become pretty boring since all I see are the same blah cars most times…Though there is usually 1 car i want to see, but out of whatever numbers they keep throwing out (600-800) that’s kinda sad…Oh well, I park spectator, I could care less about “showing” my sedan, and I mostly go just to see certain people not even look at half the hoopty whips on the lot…I guess it was nice that the one guy brought his ’11 GT500 so I could look at it…

And hopefully they don’t turn away Lambo’s at the door this time because they’re too full (and then let garbage in).

yeah, last time I went it was more like Camaros, Corvettes, Mustangs and Coffee.

hmmm, when was the last time you attended the Dallas c&c? It’s been a few months for me (last fall?) but my previous visit was dominated by stock Mustangs and Camaros. Maybe I should give it another try but doubtful I’ll show my F-car there again…that’s more because of some individuals’ disrespect for the cars and the related experience I had last time.

Remember this: diversity is the spice of life. We all like a little more variety at the show…simple as that.

****, I agree and disagree. Garbage may be a bit harsh, but you gotta admit that what might be someones pride and joy may not be everyone elses.

When I go and I get to the corvettes and I get to about the 10th one that the guy really didnt do much with I get disinterested really quick.

I just want to state that Im not calling a corvette garbage. I do love the car. Just not 100 of them.

Yeah it’s a fine line between letting people have a great time doing what they want, and policing the parking lot for common cars that aren’t modded. I think people should use more discretion themselves and think “By me parking my stock basic car in the show, am I taking the spot from something that others would rather see?” I’ve seen lots of cars in visitors parking that were much nicer than some of the cars that park in the show. Not sure how to fix the problem, but for a free show I think it’s great anyway, and if it stays the same I have no problem with that.

When it first started, it felt to me like the guys at the entrance letting you in were vetting your car (so to speak), but now it seems like virtually anything can drive in if there’s a place to park. I would never diminish someone else’s pride and joy, but I agree that people should have some more common sense or the organizers should allow only X rows for each make so there’s always a little room for when something extremely rare shows up.

Needless to say, I see why most of you guys don’t go to C&C. What used to be a car show has just turned into just a semi-organized Plano parking lot. I see exotics all day long at the grocery store and restaurants. I always drop a few bucks in the donate jugs, so there is that aspect. It was rather sad to see some high end exotic and rare cars turned away. I still remember the asshat in the t-bucket a few months ago that blocked off the entire front row. He kept saying “Oh, there’s a bunch more buckets on their way”. I left around 11:30 and the row still just had his car in it. Waste.

I think you took our comments the wrong way. Nobody here is suggesting that this be an all exotic show. In fact I’d argue the opposite – we want more diversity! I think most of us here appreciate cars of all types. But can you attend this show and tell me with a straight face that it is not dominated by one genre of cars?

I just went through the cars & coffee message forum and it seemed to me that most of the opinions expressed there were consistent with our own views – that is too many modern stock (or what appears to be stock) cars that occupy too much space. One guy even posted a photo showing the lot FULL of Mustangs.

The thing I don’t think they get is that if 25 Italians show up, it’s going to be 10 or 15 different MODELS of cars. Or more. And we’re lumping Ferrari, Maserati, Lambo, and even Alfa into the Italian class.

If 50 Mustangs show up, it’s 50 Mustangs. If they want to compare themselves to Ferrari’s, then they need to use Fords as their comparison. They just don’t understand the variety equation.

Not going. It’s a Mustang-fest now. If I want to see Mustangs, there is a Ford dealer less than 5 minutes away from me.

I like the guy with the Mustang club that is convinced it’s an issue of people not showing up on time. Um, no.

He never mentions that 100 Mustangs is too many.

I don’t mind seeing the shelbys and the new bosses but all the V6 and stock 5.0s, we have to draw a line. Classics are an exception since there’s only a handful.

My concern is simply that to me, (yup, my opinion), I go to car shows to see cars that I can’t or don’t see very often. Exotics are included in that. So are 1970 Boss 302’s, early fuelie Corvettes, original Mini Coopers, and a new Camaro ZL1. I’m not interested in the Scion club, or a V6 1998 Mustang. I see lots of F150’s of all years and sizes, don’t need them at a car show.

I think I’m done trying to take the Ferrari. I arrived at exactly 8:00 and was told there was no parking and got turned away. I even asked specifically about the Italian row but the response was they had a bunch of Mustangs and Chargers arrive and there wasn’t any space, sorry.

I parked in one of the far lots and walked it, nothing I haven’t done before. Imagine how happy I was when I got to the exotic line and there at least 5 spaces available, all in a row at the West end.

The whole thing has turned into a Mustang/Camaro/Corvette zoo and I’m kind of getting jaded. I like to see the rare and unusual, not the common and dull. Car guys are car guys and I understand being proud of what you drive, I’ve always had a car I liked and enjoyed. I also have always understood that my car isn’t always unique or interesting to anyone but me. Hell, I drove a Merkur XR4Ti for 4 years. But a Mustang GT in a sea of other Mustangs just isn’t that interesting.

There were cars in the out of show parking much nicer than some of the cars in the show.

I understand the Crystal Cove C&C (the original) screens at the entrance to only let certain cars in. This would keep the integrity of the show but would not be very popular with some.

That looks a little silly who wants to see mustangs? Isn’t that what the walmart parking lot is for?

Everybody I talk to has gotten tired of seeing boring, stock/minor modified Corvettes & Mustangs.