Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


I’m new here.. Just went to my first Dallas C&C a couple months ago, and since then, I have been thinking about bringing my car to the event. Came to this site to see what the entry requirements are and stumbled into this thread. After reading everything, I don’t think I’ll try to bring my car. It’s 40 years old, and restored, but I don’t think it will like being in a line of 300 cars bumping along shifting in and out of 1st, and then (from what it sounds like) I’ll end up parking in the outback somewhere anyhow. If I am reading this right, since I don’t have a prearranged entrance permit, even if I arrive early I’ll have to sit and idle (or park in line along side the road) till 8:30 and hope my number in line is less than 500.

I know that I am going to catch Hell for this, but I think that there are just too many late model Mustangs and Corvettes out there. I’m not saying my car is more wonderful than a 2008 Mustang but it is less common. I fall on the side of those who would like to see more variety and less late-model cars that I can see at any shopping mall parking lot.

Here is my try at some entry criteria that might be simple enough to post and enforce.

a) -1 Any car that is less than one model year old, is going to be rare enough to be interesting.
b) – 10,000 Any car of which 10,000 or less (rough count) were produced.
c) + 15 Any car that is 15 years old or more.
d) Substantially Shaken or Stirred,wheels off. Ignoring Wheels, any car that is substantially customized or engine modded.
e) Gatekeeper’s choice Any car that interests the guy at the gate making the call enough to bypass the general rules.

Here’s my thinking, for what it’s worth: Any car that is less than one model year old, is going to be rare enough to be interesting. ‘Common’ cars that are 15 years or older which show up for a C&C are likely to be something that is no longer common on the streets. Cars which were produced in numbers of 10,000 or less are going to permit exotics of any age, Saleens, Vipers and so forth. Shaken or Stirred, wheels off is an attempt to allow substantially customized cars of any age; the ‘wheels off’ idea excludes guys who just put ‘dubs’ on a 2009 Malibu, or slapped a chrome gas cap cover on a pickup. Stirred is to allow cars of any age which have had substantial engine work done, beyond a CAI. Gatekeepers choice is to allow cars like a 2011 Chevy Volt that might not make any of the other cut rules but is still rare enough to be interesting.

I think standards like this would give the guys at the gate a quick and easy decision template. The gate keeper just makes a “turn right” into the lot, or “turn left” and go look for a parking place somewhere call.

With this system I”m trying to find a way to keep the show interesting. Note that this system is going to make the ‘ordinary Porsche’ guys as angry as the ‘ordinary Corvette’ guys. Any set of rules is going to make the Mustang guys angry, so I focused on the idea of brand new, classic or limited production domestic muscle.

Comments? I put on my Nomex suit and I’m interested to see what you think and/or what improvements you would suggest.