Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


Exotics and classics, that’s what I want to see.

I went to the April C&C, it was such a debacle trying to find a space to park my car at 7:15am, it took 30 minutes to get into the parking lot, the Porsche row was already full, and almost all other spots were filled with “generic” cars. After it was all over I swore that I wouldn’t go back as either a participant or as a spectator.

I realize that everyone is entitled to show off their car regardless of country of origin, and it’s not about who has the highest price tag, but there really is a substantial number of cars that are “marginally” show worthy. For me personally I do not like the current direction that C&C is going

BTW I did not go last week, so so far I’m true to my word

Instead of Cars & Coffee maybe we should rename it Muscle Milk and Rice