Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


@Lokki 68130 wrote:

Or does the fact you have no pictures of stock cars just prove that no one bothers to take photos of stock cars?

Actually, the pics posted weren’t from me, though I do have some. And considering how the domestics parking right behind here my group parks, it makes it pretty easy to see what is and is not there. And I don’t recall seeing any that were “bone stock” unless we’re talking about a $50,000+ Cobra or a new Boss 302 (of course the Chevy and Dodge areas being further away, I can’t really speculate on what’s in that area).

@Lokki 68130 wrote:

Anyhow, what do you think of the proposal? Obviously, it wouldn’t block the customized cars you are talking about so it wouldn’t cause any problem, right?

That all depends in the one at the gate, really. If the car trying to enter doesn’t “impress” him enough, it may not get in. And I have personally witnessed bias on the part of the gate people, and that was as the cars were leaving, forget about when they’re trying to get in.