Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


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Enough to show it’s modded to the casual observer. I was given “attitude” because my import looked stock…because I started my mods under the hood. What’s expected for one group should be expected for all.

It had lime green aftermarket wheels. Not my taste, and I’d rather that it had stock wheels, but is clearly modded to the casual observer. There was also a Gallardo with a matte grey paint job or vinyl wrap at the March show, that was really neat, and clearly modified to the casual observer.

Also, I enjoy seeing cars like the Superleggera because, while it may be straight from Lamborghini, it is still basically a modified Gallardo.. (Same as I enjoy seeing the GT500 Mustangs, or a ZR1 Corvette.. it’s the same idea.)

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It doesn’t make them automotive royalty either, though they seem to act like it.

You ignored the second part of what I said, though. Unless you talk to them, you have no idea. You’re more or less saying that everyone that has a lot of money is a douchebag. I posted a picture of one of the Lambo’s online after attending my first C&C, and my caption said something about how awesome the car was: the owner came across my picture and offered me a ride at the next event. I was pressed for time at the next event and missed the last 2 due to schedule conflicts so I haven’t gotten a chance to take him up on it yet, but I’d say that’s pretty far from acting like ‘automotive royalty.’ That’s not to say that every Ferrari owner there wasn’t an ass, they very well could have been; I’m just saying you can’t classify someone as an elitist jerk just because he/she owns an expensive car. I hate cliche’s and quotes, but that whole ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’ thing comes to mind.

I have a ’92 Miata, with headers, high-flow cat, catback exhaust, lowered, stiffened suspension, and wider wheels with sticky tires. There are some other Miatas that show up and a lot of people that have older Miatas that attend the show. I consider my car to be relatively sporty, and very fun to drive, and it’s also customized. I guarantee no one wants to see my car parked in that lot…

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Wanna know why we do that? If we don’t, the people at the entrances let in so many cars they park in the lanes in front of us and block us in and we can’t leave until they move their car.

I’ve seen that happen, I’d do the same thing – I have video of a car who was blocked in and decided to leave anyway, trying to pull out between two cars barely half an inch from scraping on either side. So scary.

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1B) There needs to be… for lack of a better term… an “interesting” section on the other side of the lot on the front row where the Corvettes currently are. There are some REALLY interesting and unusual non-exotic cars that show up, and they need a better place to park.

That would still be passing judgment on the cars which it sounded like you were against in the rest of your post. Like you said, interesting to one is not interesting to all. Plus, having them all spread out is like motivation to go through the whole lot lololol; it’s always fun when you think you’ve seen everything, and then ‘oh look, it’s a Ford GT.’ And what would you do with those spots if not enough interesting cars show up? (serious question)

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2) This has been something people have been whining about for years now. “The event needs to be moved.” No it doesn’t.

Solution: Somebody else, outside of North Dallas/Plano needs to start up their own C&C style event. Hold it on the same weekend. That way the people who live in Ft. Worth, Grapevine, and Southlake can have their own event that isn’t 40+ miles from home, and that will thin down the crowd. Classic BMW’s parking lot is HUGE. Who really wants to walk around a parking lot 2 or 3 times larger? Not me.

I was just asking if that might be why the LA Cars & Coffee didn’t run into that problem.. As far as competing events in Ft. Worth, I don’t want them to steal away cars I would have been able to see just because people were complaining about not having a place to park. 🙂 I would gladly walk around a larger lot if there were cars worth seeing.