Re: Really need your honest opinion…What do you like/dislike about the dallas show?


I agree with better controlling who parks in the “show” area of the lot, but specifically targeting certain models or price limits might ostracize some groups that might make them not want to come back. If it happens it has to happen carefully so that future attendance doesn’t drop – just my $.02. That being said, I do end up skipping about half of the lot when wandering around.. I would also add classic cars to #2 on William48’s list – it was great seeing the old Mini Cooper’s there this month, it would be a shame if they were turned out for being stock.

As for William48’s pictures suggestion, there is a Flickr group for the Dallas C&C that a few of us post to. If you like a picture you see there, it’s easy to see who took it, and there are links on the right hand side that will take you directly to that persons album or photostream so you can see more that they took at the show: Not a perfect solution, just maybe something that could be linked to from here or something.