Re: Realistic Car drawings


1st Win a Print Contest

25th August – 1st September

Everyone got 2 votes .

Please leave a comment with the number of the photo you’re choosing.
You can leave 2 votes one day or one vote at the beginning and one at the end of the contest it’s up to you.

After the week of voting I will post the results and do my best to draw the winning photo.

When the drawing is done:

100+ votes in the contest:
2 voters that picked the winning photo will win a Big size 22 x 33 inches size prints

300+ votes:
In addition to Big prints from all people that voted in the contest I will draw 2 small 11 x 16 in. size prints.

Winners will be drawn completely random and I hope that I will be able to post a short video of the draw.

I will than contact the winners for the shipping addresses.

No hidden costs. No shipping costs.

Just please go to my Facebook page and vote: