Re: Realistic Car drawings


Hey Guys,

I’ve started the facbook page and I would like to make a small contest there in couple weeks where I will ask you to vote on one of five photos. The photo that will get most votes(in a week) will be drawn by me. From the people who voted on this photo, If there will be over 100 votes in the whole contest I will draw 2 people that will win the 22 x 33 inches size print of this drawing.
If there will be over 300 votes I will draw another 2 people that will win 11 x 16 in. size prints. There will be no shipping or any hidden costs.

Plese let me know what you think about this idea. If this will go over 500 votes I will probably do another contest in 2-3 months. If you thinks it’s a stupid idea also tell me about it 😉

Here’s the link to my facebook site:

Thanks and looking forward to your opinions