Re: Pointers on Organizing a Car Show?


Are you sure you want to? They are a lot of work but can be very rewarding. I am one of the organizers for one of the largest annual shows in the metroplex.
It takes a LOT of work and you need to start planning at least 3 months in advance.

1. Pick a date. Look on the car show calendars and make sure not to be on the same date as a big local event that will take away potential participants of your show. Avoid holidays, local Nascar races, any kind of local big car show or national show (even as far away as Oklahoma). This is the hardest part.
2. Classes? How many classes? What classes?
3. Who is going to pay for the trophies? This is the biggest expense.
4. Entertainment? What kind of entertainment? Cost of entertainment?
5. Concessions? Need to have food and drinks available. Who is going to front the money to get it going?
6. Get a website with all of the information on it.
7. Get the word out!!!! Put it on every single website that lists car shows. Email all of the local car clubs and invite their club. Have a club participation award to get them interested as they love to compete against each other in a friendly way.
8. Starting 2 months prior go to every single car show within 50 miles and hand out fliers.
9. Judges? You need to have your judges lined up early. Or will it be participant judging? That needs to be on the flier.
10. Who is going to be the contact person? You need to have an email and phone number on the flier and website. You WILL get a ton of emails and calls.
11. Registration? Pre registration or not?
12. How many working registration that know what they are doing? This is HUGE!!!!
13. Parking attendants? How many working the parking lot and know what they are doing? Again, this one is HUGE!
14. Who is going to front the money to pay for all of the copies?
15. Are you going to sell T-Shirts? If so, how many are you going to order? Who is going to front the money to pay for them?

That is just a list to start with. It really is a lot to do and take in to make it a good and productive car show.

Good luck 🙂