Re: Pointers on Organizing a Car Show?


@MomGoFast 68060 wrote:

We do not do the dash plaques. Have not had one person ask to get one yet in the 5 years we have been doing it.
You can ask the person doing your trophies. Or, the second you put it on a website advertising the show you will
get a gazillion emails from people w/ all kinds of things and some are offering dash plaques.

Good luck!!!!!!!


It appears official…the car show is a go. Now I just need to start organizing. All proceeds for entry fees and whatnot benefit the school and the kids!

That being said, I will be in attendance this weekend to do some “research” on the cool cars there! If you are there I would definitely like to further discuss the organizing activity with you, if you can. I wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to discuss with the organizers of C&C overall if I can. I’ll be asking around while there.

If you want PM me your number and I’ll call you morning of so we can meet face to face!