Re: Photogs and their models….@Cars and Coffee Dallas…Warning


Below is the code of ettiquite that Austin photogs are passing around for car shows/Cars and Coffee. We are trying to be proactive. Maybe this will help in Dallas.

Ask first! Mostowners don’t mind photos of their cars, but sometimes putting a model in frontof them is a different story. They seeit as a distraction to their car!

Don’t touch! Never touch car without asking. Even if have permission you should make surenothing scratches, damages the car, or gets them dirty. Owners spend hours maintaining their car,even fingerprints on paint are a hassle. Hair on the interior fabric is not cool.

Avoid License Plates! Avoid shooting, or blur them out in photo, any license platenumbers. Some of these cars are classic,one of a kind, or might be an owners biggest investment. With the internet, anyone can take a licenseplate number and track down an address. Don’t make the cars targets.

No dirt! If a modelis inside a car, make sure their clothes and shoes are clean.

No Equipment! Leavethe scrims, reflectors, portable flash units, and props at home. Remember, this is about the cars andit is not your personal photography set.

Never sell! Neversell pictures from the events.

Don’t interfere! Don’t let your model or your photographyblock other attendees. Everyone is thereto see the cars, not your model or your behind as you are bent over to takepictures.

Offer pictures! Offerpictures to the owners. Don’t do thefirst one is free and you pay for the rest!

Family Friendly! Remember car shows are family friendly. Glamour photography, short shorts, bikinis, and overflowing tops are inbad taste for family friendly events.

Remember the Coffee! Support the event with your donation!!!!