Re: Penske will hold second event saturday april 21, 2012 at penske racing museum site


I made the drive to the Scottsdale C&C yesterday from Tucson to find it was NOT a traditional C&C. This event appears to be nothing more than a sales event for Penske. When I showed up my car was valet parked in a back lot and I was escorted into their museum/showroom. There appeared to be no “displaying of your car” as far as I could see. Nice coffee and mimosa but what happened to the walking around looking at other non-new cars for sale?? Unless I missed something it appears Penske has hijacked the C&C brand to use it for their own mercenary purposes. The sad thing this is they could have their cake and eat it to. I enjoyed the museum and the new cars. If done right this would add to the event and to their bottom line. I came thinking “How great of the Penske folks to have the C&C on their property and provide the coffee. When I am looking to buy my F-type Jag these are the folks I will buy from.” I left thinking”This is the last time I come to this C&C and I will never buy a car from Penske.” Thanks goodness my primary purpose in coming to Scottsdale was Barrett-Jackson… Did I miss something here? Is there a real C&C in the Phoenix area?

On a related topic for you Phoenicians who want to come to a real C&C the one in Tucson is great. This months event in the parking lot at La Encatada in the Catalina Foothills near Sunrise and Campbell had a great turnout. Ferrari Italia’s, a 275GTB, a 300SL Gull wing, new and old Vettes, Jag’s, Porsche’s, muscle cars, Lambo’s, Bentley’s, and one sweet little Triumph, Of course you have to buy your own coffee at the AJ’s Market…