Re: Park Meadows Sat 324 with my new ride



I think it’s hopeless to respond to robpp with logic. He prefers to post untruths and when confronted with the truth, he doesn’t respond. See his post where he accused me of charging McCabes.

When I linked her email offering the $25 to increase attendance or she woud have to look elsewhere, he has never responded.

I also liked his comment about the loudspeaker trying to sell him something. As you know, since you came to most of our shows, we NEVER tried to sell anything, but then the music was never blaring either.

I think it’s humorous that he comes to Cars and Coffee’s forum and then spends most of his time badmouthing us.

Comments like his, make it hard for Jim and I to continue to spend time and money to put on a car show. He has no idea how much we have spent out of our pocket in actual dollars, not counting the amount of time spent trying to put on a quality show.

I spent over 20 hours helping McCabes to get cars out to THEIR event, not mine. For what? Just to get bad mouthed for expecting them to do what they offered?

Maybe robpp should go put on his own show and see how much work it actually is.