Re: Park Meadows Sat 324 with my new ride


@BehindTheLens 66259 wrote:

What are you looking for? I’ve posted hundreds of photos, had over twenty five thousand views, and only a couple dozen comments over the years… I don’t expect any comments, I post them because I enjoy taking them and hope a few people enjoy seeing them. They are not for everybody, if I get a comment, great, if not, great too.

What makes you think there is a problem with anyone meeting at Park Meadows? If that’s where you like to go, keep going. I don’t care to drive over there personally, I’m sure others may feel the same, or have other reasons. I went once on the day you posted your photos, took around 50-60 photos which isn’t many for me. The location is less then ideal for the style of photos I shoot, not a very broad selection of cars, sure lots of Corvettes, I like ’em, own one, but don’t need to see that many C5’s/C6’s every week…a few Mustangs, 2 Porsches, a Mercedes, 2 Ferarris, a motorcyle, and a Camaro about sums it up give or take a few. Nice cars don’t get me wrong, proud owners too I’m sure. Just not what I look for at a Cars & Coffee get together.

In your opinion. Have you visited a Cars & Coffee event in any other state? You would probably hate them based on what you’re saying you like. Tons more high end and specialty cars, very few if any low end cars, access is controlled, parking is controlled, vendors everywhere, music, and some cars are turned away. Never seen that happen here.

Then maybe you’ve found your place? It does seem important to you to get some kind of “approval” from this group though..? I guess I don’t understand…what are you looking for?


Appreciate the reply.

I guess I have been coming to this site for about 3 years and lots of the posts talk about finding a new place and such. I took that to mean they werrent satisfied with the current selection of places. I have also had other direct comments about some places.
Hence the query…….

If other C&C are as you say I wouldnt like them. I would suspect there are many Flavors. The more commercialized the less I wish to attend.

The second Saturday every month there is a much larger turnout with all sorts of cars. I cant help it if the location is not ideal for picture taking.

Perhaps I did find what I am looking for….if I only knew what that was LOL