Re: Park Meadows Sat 324 with my new ride


I love this site.

80 views and nary a comment.

well i didnt get paid to show up at Great Indoors; maybe thats the problem :busted:

a few comments and observations and questions:

I dont get the reason why people who frequent this board seem to have a PROBLEM with the Park Meadows meet. If I am missing something here please explain.

I have been showing up for the past 4-5 years on and off. I have never felt scorned because of what I drove that day or any other reason not to show up and share.
I am never pressured into buying anything. Coffee at Dazbog is just a few steps away but I dont feel like I MUST. No raffles. No DJ. Just boys and their toys……what Cars and Coffee should be.

I cannot say the same for my TWO VISITS to the old gig out EAST. Loud speaker blaring trying to sell me something or entice me to visit a store or restaurant. To me all that is nothing more than a distraction. I dont need music. I dont need 10% off the local nail salon. I would like to SHARE and MEET with people who like the things I like. Thats whats important to me.

My observations on this site that the majority dont feel as I do……….


one last note: This is all IMO based on my personal observations. No offense should be taken by anyone. Obviously I am in the minority and am trying to understand why?