Re: Park Meadows Sat 324 with my new ride


Robb, the reason there are posts about finding a new place is because from what I heard, Southlands wanted to charge for it’s lot space. Who wants to pay for something like that? So then it went to a location on Peoria near Centennial airport which ended up being a one day event due to insurance issues with the building owner or something like that, which necessitated the move to GO Automotive lot for a few months. That was, from what I heard only going to be temporary anyway as they (GO) had plans for their space. Which leaves us once again looking for another place.

From what I’ve seen with Cars & Coffee both here and in other states is that they just don’t show up and take over a large chunk of someone’s parking lot…they get permission, and they encourage participation with the local businesses. What’s wrong with that? Seems like a fair trade to me.. In my opinion, Southlands made a mistake in looking for compensation from the people that brought a lot of attention and more then likely business to an otherwise unused parking lot. My wife would shop there, wander through the lot and look at some of the cars you don’t see every day and then continue on shopping. I know a lot of the other wives/significant others did as well.

We are lucky living in this area though, there are so many places to bring your car and hang out, or get serious and show for competition. Some on week nights, some on Friday night, and both Saturday and Sunday.

As for the Great Indoors and photography…it’s not the worst, but not the greatest for me…sure it is a large lot, but from what I saw there was basically just two long rows where as Southlands had many shorter rows which provided much more interaction between the cars through my lens which is what I like.

Anyway, that’s the situation as I’ve seen it unfold, hope that answers some of your questions. Enjoy wherever you go!