Re: Obey The Law! No Speeding Or Burnouts!


Hi all, it is kind of amazing that you tell people week after week, lets not jeopordize this great event-NO BURNOUTS. You post signs to remind them NO BURNOUTS. They pull up to the exit to leave and there are cops sitting right there just for this single purpose, and they still do a burnout. I am sorry, but that is just stupid! Looking back, CC was such a great show, but suffered a sad end for similar problems. People said if we only had another chance with a new location. Along comes the PAG offer, great location, great volunteers,food,BATHROOMS,no rent a cops saying dont park here and dont rev you engine. Thus C and C was born. All they have is one request, Please no burnouts. Surely we can all dial it back a notch for Cnc. Regards, Rick