Re: NSX day – January 31, 2009


@RYU 14704 wrote:

I almost wish I didn’t run into this thread. It’s really too bad there’s so much negative sentiment created by (or at least inspired by) the NSX marque event. Such things could have been controlled outside of a public forum in which the positive spirit of the gathering could have been preserved. I could certainly go off into an in depth philosophical discussion but the event is tomorrow and I choose to keep a positive attitude… thumbup I love cars and generally all car people (young or old) isn’t that why we all went to the Cove and which is why we continue to go now? It’s a one time event which will never happen again and probably impossible in such quantitites. Even I was surprised at the turnout. Many NSX owners own multiple cars (read: more expensive/collectible/rare cars which are all the types of cars we all come to see in the first place)…

I’ll be one of the NSXs parked off-site.


No need to park off site, although your gesture is appreciated. I’ve posted numerous messages in the NSX Prime site about our “special” reserved parking area, that being, the corral plus a big chunk of the Mazda lot. For those who don’t know, the Mazda lot is not part of the C&C show lot. So, the NSX guys will only occupy what has been previously reserved for the occasional marque event- the corral (40 spaces).

As we all know, you can’t please all the people all the time. Hopefully, the fact that I went through official channels to get permission for a historic NSX gathering helps keep the peace and optimizes the fun.